Lot 2

Lot 2 is currently under design and will be our clients new home.

Lot 3

Lot 3 was once used as an art gallery for the last homeowner of Lot 2. We have remodeled Lot 3 in to a single family home which recently sold.

Meadow Drive

Our latest project is a duplex residence on Meadow Drive in Vail Village.


This family compound spans two lots in Vail.

Headmaster's House

The program in part is based on how our client lives and establishes space requirements as well as relationships between these spaces.

Forest Road

Careful analysis of the zoning regulations provided for an opportunity for a significant addition to the home.

Beaver Dam

One of the goals of the project was to retain the natural drainage at the site and to keep as many trees as possible.

West Forest Road

This project on West Forest Road in vail overcomes the challenges of maintaining a majority of existing space in the two units of a duplex on a steep narrow lot

East Vail Residence

This home takes full advantage of a southern exposure with a passive solar hallway.

Forest Road

This project was one of the first in Vail to be LEED Certified.

Denver Golf Club

The most important feature of the interior is its ability to utilize the exterior landscape as a backdrop.

Arrowhead Renovation

The Revit model of their space allowed the client to visualize the changes being made.

Glen Falls

This home sits on Gore Creek and has a wonderful outdoor ambience.


A sucessful design in the Westhaven neighborhoop of Vail.


This residence sits on the Arrowhead Golf Course.

Columbine Residence

The design of this residence presented exceptional challenges.

Jackson's Path

A home at the top of Cordillera.


Our client required an ADA compliant home. The specialized cabinets were designed to be accessed from a wheelchair.

Potato Patch Dr

This property commands views of the front side of Vail Mountain and its sunny exposure provides for delightful interior and exterior spaces year round.

Beaver Dam Road

A most significant service we provide is positionaing the home in the best location possible. Influences include solar exposure, access, and interplay between the inside and outside.